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Personal Journal Part 1

Special note to self

Some time in April 2006 when I got my cell phone turn back on I started receiving strange calls from unknown people. Example, Some man called and said that Tracfone (the carrier I use) mess up his order and gave me his cell number (I know now that this would never happen, phone numbers are given when you activate your cell phone and then add minutes to you prepaid phone and after not using the cell for a long time.) he requested that any calls I received to give them his new cell number. I informed him I wouldn’t be able to do that, and hung up. On Mother’s day. Some women called my cell phone claiming to be my mother, calling me by a different name. I informed the women that I wasn’t her son and hung up. Dorothy was here and said “see you keep getting calls all the time” as too imply that it was my girlfriend or someone I knew. The Strange cell phone calls stop when Dorothy left me on 5/22/2006. So that I come to believe that Dorothy for some reason, gave her boyfriend (Paul Worman) my cell number. Why she would do this is totally unknown to me. I know I can’t prove this but the coincidence is to great to ignore. Dorothy Chambers is now trying to get me to give her my new home phone number. I talked with my son Joshua about this and he replied no way! I agree with Joshua’s decision. Giving Dorothy our phone number would not be in our best interest right now.

Joshua also said something very interesting. Joshua stated after his mother left that “she never put us first dad”. I later asked him what he meant by that statement and that I thought she only made me feel that way. Joshua said that when Dorothy would bring the children to her parents or her Brother’s or sisters home. That she ignored them. Never asking how they were (having fun, having a good time, etc) doing and ignore their request to leave and/or go home. I know this to be true, because when I went to her parent’s home, she would do the same thing to me.

Update: New home phones number was given on 6/15/06 to Dorothy Chambers with the agreement that said number is not to be given to anyone else.

5/14/06: Mother day weekend. Dorothy said she wanted to go to a hair event with her mother and her sister Marie. Called after 9:00 pm that day to see when she was coming home. Dorothy stated that she would spend the night there at her mother‘s home. Asked what time she would come home on Sunday. She started maybe around 4pm, told her that it’s was Mother day and wanted to spend some time as a family with her and the boys. She then said maybe she would come home early. But Dorothy didn’t return home Sunday until very late that night. Update: 6/17/06, believe that Dorothy went to visit boyfriend on this night and lied about were she stayed. Dorothy used her cell phone so I have no proof of this.

5/22/06: Dorothy Chambers told me that she was leaving the kids and I. I asked if she was seeing someone else and she said yes. Told her that if she was leaving us that she had to leave tonight. (8-9pm) Jesse ask her about the man she was leaving us for. Jesse wanted to know his name. She stated that his name was Paul Williams which turned out to be just another lie (we now know his real last name is Worman). She didn’t want to take Joshua or Jesse. I told her that she had to take Ryan (1 1/2 year old). She said she would. Dorothy stated that she would not leave until she called her mother letting her know she would be coming over. I told Dorothy to use her cell; she stated that she had no minutes left on her cell. Which later turn out to be a lie.

Update: Joshua (Son) later told me that Dorothy purchase minutes that day and saw her adding them to her phone which means that she lied to me about her not having any minutes on her cell phone.

I agree after sometime to let her call. If that was the person she called I do not know. She told me that she would be living at her parent’s home in Lombard IL. Which turned out also to be another lie. She packed some of her stuff. I later learned that she was moving things out of the house a little at a time as to not bring about my suspicions as to what she had planned.

[Update: a few weeks after she left I ask her how long she planned this? A few weeks or months. She stated a few months]

Dorothy informed the children and me that she would move to her parent’s home. She promised to call Jesse and Joshua later that night but never did. Dorothy also stated that she would return for the rest of her property.

5/26/06: Dorothy Chambers called me (630-268-1936) at home on Friday (2:15pm) before the children got home from school and again asked to get some of her property. I asked that if she would wait until next weekend. Having a very stressing week with her leaving and dealing with the children. I was also sick with the flu that was going around at the time. Dorothy stated that she could not do it next weekend. I asked her why but she would not explain the reasons. Dorothy screams at me and said “No I want my stuff!”.

Unknown to me her Mother (Donna Chambers) was on the line without my knowledge and started screaming and cussing at me. Threaten me by stating that she would have her boys come over and physically take Dorothy’s property by force. Demanding that I return Dorothy’s property ASAP! I return the verbal abuse. Donna Chambers then hung up on me. I have caller ID and called back that (630-268-1936) number and inform Donna that Dorothy would have her property tomorrow. I then had to rush about the home gather what property I could find. I told the children what happen and that we would have to go to my sisters (Judy Reddy) for the weekend so that I could return their mother’s property. They weren’t very happy about going. Joshua had plans to see his friends and Jesse wanted to spend time with his friend as well. I explained how her mother (Donna Chambers) threatens me [Donna stated that she would just have her sons come and get Dorothy’s property] and how she said she would bring the whole family if I didn‘t do as I was told. I explain to my children how someone had to watch them when I returned Dorothy’s property. My sister said that I could spend the weekend there. But Knowing Dorothy’s past experiences didn’t want Dorothy or any of her family members coming to her home in Sleepy Hollow. My sister (Judy Reddy) agreed and didn’t want Dorothy at her home as well knowing Dorothy past history. I explain that I would just drop her (Dorothy’s) property at the Spring Hill Mall. Watch it until she came and then leave. Judy agreed.

5/27/06: Dorothy called me on mother’s phone number (630-268-1936) around 10:am. I explained that I would drop off her property at the Spring Hill Mall by Officemate and ask her to go right on front of the Store Street. To take that to behind Walgreen's store. I asked her who would be coming with her and asked if she would not bring her mother. Dorothy said that her mother wasn’t home and would not be coming. Dorothy informed me that her and her sister (Marie) would be the only people coming. I ask about her cell phone and Dorothy informed me that Ryan threw her phone in the toilet and that it did not work anymore. I asked if her sister Marie had a cell and she said no. I then asked her if she wanted to talk with the boys (Joshua and Jesse) and she agreed but as I was walking back into the house Dorothy then changed her mind and said that she would just call the boys after she return back home to her parents house. I then asked again about the arrangements to make sure she knew were she was going. In our conversation, I believe she made a mistake and told me that there would be two cars coming. I ask why she thought she needed two cars and she stated that Marie would drive one with the children and Dorothy would be driving our van for her property. This statement raised a few red flags and I didn’t believe her. My sister (Judy Reddy) helped me unpack her mini-van and but that she had to return back home to give her daughter the van. Judy stated that she would pick me up later with her husband‘s van. She asked me if I would be all right knowing how Dorothy can be and her past history of unstable behavior and also about what I told her concerning my conversation with Dorothy’s mother the day before. I told my sister that I would be fine.

Time: Unknown: Received cell call from unknown number (815-953-0491-Marie?). Dorothy screams that she was unable to location property/me. Tried to explain again, but Dorothy would not listen. She asks me why I was doing this and that she was in front of Officemate. Look in that direction and saw our green Plymouth Van. Dorothy was holding Ryan. Scream in Dorothy direction to get her attention. Dorothy saw me and then pointed at me. Got a bad feeling and started to walk away. Heard a loud engine sound, like a truck/car moving at a very fast speed behind me. Turned around and saw a large gray truck heading straight at me. Started to Run. Then I heard two-truck door’s opening and closing and saw two men running in my direction from the truck. The two unknown white males then started running after me. I ran faster and headed for the first store I could find (Kinko's), the I ran inside of the store and started yelling for someone to call police. Both White males followed (running) me inside Kinko’s store. I turned around at look at one of the unknown male. He had long (update: person turned out to be Dorothy’s brother in law) gray hair. Walked up that white male with my hands up holding my cell phone as to not to be a threat in anyway. Unknown male then turned away from me and called me a pussy then both white males departed the store.

Both the store manager and I called the West Dundee police Department. Ed Lanman the store manager asked me to talk with operator on store phone. I explained to the 911 operator what just happened and that she inform me that she would dispatch a car to that location. Few minutes later. A West Dundee police officer walked into the store and I walked over to him. He asked for my name and other information. Asked me what happen. And then ask me to walk outside with him. I stay by the police car. He walked over to the other officer talking with Dorothy and the other two while male. Officer then asked me how I would get home. Explained that my sister would pick me up.

Officer offered to take me back to my sister’s house. I agreed. Later I called the West Dundee. Police department to ask for the police report number: 06-2105. *update 06-2105 is just a dispatch number. Ask officer what would happen. Officer stated nothing because he didn’t see the truck trying to hit me and nothing could be done. I asked the officer why the two unknown male was chasing me He stated “they saw you running and wanted to know why?”.

5/28/06: No call from children’s mother
5/29/06: No call from children’s mother

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