Monday, March 9, 2009

Personal Journal Part 2

5/30/06: Dorothy Chambers called (608-592-1768) about 2:18pm (children were still at school) concerned again about more of her property. Asked that she call back around 7:00 pm. so that she can talk with her children. That the children wanted to tell her something. Dorothy did call back (608-592-1768 Wisconsin number) at 7:14pm. Children explain to Dorothy again that they wanted to stay with me and to stop playing games. After children talked with their mother (short conversation) I asked that she call back on Thursday (6/1/06) between 6:30 to 7:00 pm for her property list that I asked that she write one down.

6/1/06: No call from children’s mother.

6/2/06: Dorothy called (sometime in the afternoon from 608-592-1768 Wisconsin number) and asked about children> I inform her that both were at friends at this time. Asked that we should talk about her property and if she did write the list I requested. She confirmed that she did. We went over what items she wanted (see property file) and we agreed. Dorothy wanted to know why the cell was off for two days. I told her it was off until the specific time that we agree on (6/1/06 between 6:30-7:00 pm). She stated that I was trying to keep to children from talking with her. I stated that if I knew what time she would be calling I could inform the children so that they would be home to receive her call. Dorothy had no response to that statement. Again she asked about my new phone home number and I told her that the phone wasn’t connected yet. Dorothy inform me that she asked her Mother (Donna Chambers) to call my sister about why my cell was off for 2 days. I said nothing; I would wait and asked my sister about that later. Again she asked about my home phone number and I stated that I didn’t know why AT&T was taking so long to get connected. I didn’t want to give Dorothy my new number knowing about what has happened in the past when I gave Dorothy information. I asked her again if that was all concerning her property and she said “for now”. I said no, I wanted to finish this and be done with it. No response from her, again I asked but again no response did I receive from Dorothy, so I said bye and hung up the phone. I later called my sister concerning a message from Dorothy’s mother. Judy confirmed that indeed Donna did leave her a message on her answering machine. Judy later called me back and told me that she talked with Donna and asks to speak to Dorothy, Dorothy’s mother Donna Chambers stated that Dorothy wasn’t there (Dorothy’s mother lied to Judy) that Dorothy was out looking for a job. Both Judy and I knew Dorothy was calling me from an Wisconsin phone number and not her mother’s Illinois home phone number. Donna asked Judy if James got his phone turn on and about his new number and why my cell was off for 2 days. Donna said something about Judy calling back but Judy informs her that she would not be calling her back. Not sure if Donna Chambers knew at this time that we both knew where Dorothy was calling us from and where Dorothy was really at and that she wasn’t in fact living with her mother as Dorothy and Donna wanted us to believe. I also asked Judy if she at any time gave Donna Chambers her personal home phone number and Judy stated that she never did.

6/5/06: Dorothy called around 9:48 am, She asked me about her banking account and asked if I received (I later found out that her account is overdrawn) any mail from her bank. I informed her, That I have not received any of her mail and thought that she might have put in a change of address to the postmaster, She confirmed that she indeed had done so. When Dorothy called me, she still only had my cell number; I informed her I only had 10 units left (10 minutes left) and that we would be cut off when the units ran out. Dorothy asked about the children and I stated that they were still asleep. She asked if she could call back later to speak with them. I asked about what time? And She said around 3:pm. She asked again about my phone number. I told her that my phone was connected. She again requested to have the phone number (home) but I stated I would but only after the children and I needed to see her first (reason: to sign the custody agreements). I told her about calling the crisis center and was trying to get therapy for the children and I. Talk about meeting at the crisis center so that it might be a safer place for us to meet. Dorothy stated that she didn’t want to come to the Elgin Crisis Center. I then asked her about were she thought would be a safer place for us to meet. She didn’t give me an answer. I told her how important it was for us to get to together and then the units ran out. End Call.

*Unknown call around: 12:31pm

*Note to self, Van title is gone. (Found out later that the Van made it to Wisconsin but is now in very bad shape?) Dorothy also wanted to forge my signature and I said no, just mail it back and I would sign it over to her. I told her signing my name is forgery and if I found out I would prosecute.

Dorothy Called back at 3:pm on the hour as agreed. Dorothy asked to speak to the children. I asked Jesse and he said that he didn’t want to speak with her. Joshua talk with her for a short time but then he later gave me back the phone. She was upset that the children didn’t want to talk with her and she started to cry. Dorothy ask my why they didn’t want to talk. I told her that they needed time and I as well. Told her to call back on Friday (to try and get her to sign the custody paperwork, I explained it to the children and they agreed) so that I can give her the information as to were we might meet. Dorothy again talked about her property again. I told her I would return it when we got together on Saturday. Ask her if she wanted anything else she didn’t reply, so I then just hung up the phone!

6/9/06: Dorothy called back on Friday. I informed her that the therapist thought the children meeting her so soon after her leaving would not be a good ideal (this was a lie, I just needed more time on custody research and the children didn‘t want to see her) she then stated that I was lying (this time she was right, can’t be wrong all the time) and demanded the phone number for the therapist. I told her it was Aunt’s Martha’s Youth Service and gave her the number. Dorothy then demanded her property that day. I told her that wasn’t part of our agreement, that the reason I asked her to call back on Friday was give her the information as to were we would meet and return property on Saturday. I had prearranged with Judy that she would come to my home after work on Friday to pick what was here (some boxes were in Judy’s home and some it was here in Elgin) and then to spend the night at her place and then I would do all this on Saturday. Dorothy at the time didn’t know about my arrangements with Judy. Dorothy again stated that I “was changing things” and accused me of “lying“. And stated that I said she would get her property on Friday which I never did. (At this time she didn’t know that I knew she was living in Wisconsin). The phone number she was calling from was her (630-627-0765) sister’s Marie. Again I defended myself and told her that wasn’t true. I asked why she could not meet me on Saturday and she just stated that she couldn’t and gave no reason for her reasons. Dorothy said that she was coming over to my home and I then told her that not all of her property was here. I explained that some property of hers was here but that some of her property was at my sister’s. Not sure if Dorothy believed this and I stated that I would call the police if she came. Dorothy stated fine “I haven’t done anything”. I agreed, (sounds like Springhill Mall all over again) but that this would just cause more problem for the children and I. She said nothing. I again stated that it would be a stupid act on her part because only some of her property was here and the other property was at my sister‘s home. This call happened around 3:38pm, I then called Judy at work earlier confirming that she was still coming over after work and Judy said Yes, she would leave her job at 3:30. But Judy was late getting to my home and didn’t arrive until later 4:pm sometime. I told my sister that Dorothy demanded her property today and I told Dorothy I would call the West Dundee police later today and that’s were it would be. I stated that I would not be there when she retrieved her belonging. She wanted to know what time and I stated that I was not sure. She again pushed the issue and then I (was getting very upset and scared at this time) said to give me one hour. Again, Judy was very late getting to my home, but as soon as she arrived I told Dorothy called and demanded her property today. Packed Judy’s van and rush the children out of the house not know if Dorothy would indeed drive to my home or not. But when driving back to Judy’s home, I explain to her about my conversation with Dorothy. Judy didn’t know were the West Dundee police department was, so we agreed just to take it to the Sleepy Hollow police department. While still driving to Judy’s home I received a call on my cell from the 630-627-0765 number. Judy knew that I was very upset and scared so she stated that she would speak with Dorothy, I agreed. Judy talked with Dorothy and I could hear some of the conversation because Dorothy was talking so loud on my cell phone. Judy also started speaking loud to be able to get a work in. Judy stated that some of her property was now in her van and the rest at her house. Judy told Dorothy that she didn’t want Dorothy of any of her family at her residences and that her property would be at (reason to drop Dorothy property at police station, see 5/27, Spring Hill mall incident) the Sleepy Hollow Police department, because Judy was not sure were the West Dundee police department was located. Dorothy said she knew were the West Dundee Police department was and told her, but Judy replied that wasn’t the location. Judy then asked Dorothy why the big rush about getting her property today and what wrong with Saturday? Dorothy stated: “I live in Wisconsin now and can’t keep coming back to Illinois” (Judy later told me that she could hear voices in the background telling her not to tell her about Wisconsin). Judy replied back “you live in Wisconsin?”. Dorothy confirmed that. Judy asked Dorothy if she was coming alone, and Dorothy replied “Yes”, Judy then asked if she would be driving the (ours) green Plymouth van and Dorothy again stated “yes”. Both of these statements turn out to be lies because when Dorothy did arrive at the SHPD, her boyfriend (Paul Worman) was driving his vehicle and Dorothy didn’t come alone as she stated. Judy was getting upset with Dorothy and then just stated loudly (yelling) that her stuff would be at the Sleepy Hollow PD. And then Judy just discounted the cell call. Also, later I asked what Dorothy said to her. Judy later confirmed that she was upset about how the cell phone conversation with Dorothy went. I also notice that Judy was indeed physically shaken and upset due to this call. We then arrived at Judy house and we both packed up the rest of Dorothy’s property in her mini-van. I left children in Crystal’s care (Judy’s daughter) and drove to the SHPD. When we arrived at the SHPD. Judy asked if we could leave some property for pick up today but the operative told us she would have a Police office dispatched to us. When the officer arrived at the SHPD parking lot he stated that we can’t just leave the property here, that Judy would be fine for littering and that we would have to wait until the concerning party arrived.

After a long (it took longer then it should have) time, I asked that maybe we should call back the phone number on my cell (630-627-0765) to see if Dorothy left her sister’s home yet to come and get her stuff. I called and there was no answer. We assumed that she was on her way. Waited for some more and then Judy asked if I had any other phone numbers. I told her I still had the one from the Spring Hill Mall incident, So She (815-953-0491) called that one. No one answered, but some time later a man call back my cell number which I gave to my sister to answer and the person (man) stated that someone called him. My sister explain that we were trying to reach Marie (Dorothy’s sister). Don (later I learned who cell number this was) then allow Judy to speak with Marie. Judy asked if Dorothy was on her way and if she would be here soon? Marie was surprised and stated that Dorothy should be there soon and that Dorothy had indeed left some time ago.

Dorothy did finally arrive at the SHPD parking lot but both Judy and I knew that it had taken her longer then it should have. Dorothy was not along and not driving her vehicle. Boyfriend (Paul Worman) was driving his vehicle. (Green Blazer?) Judy and I started to upload Dorothy property. I was very upset that she lied to both Judy and myself (again) about the arrangements. I told Dorothy that this was all the property that she had in our home and not to call me again concerning this issue. Dorothy agreed by shaking her head. After Dorothy loaded her boyfriends’ vehicle, (boyfriend didn’t help). Paul Worman returns to his vehicle and I returned to Judy’s vehicle. Paul’s vehicle left first and Judy followed behind them to the exit point of the SHPD parking lot. We both saw that the vehicle’s license plate was indeed from that state of Wisconsin, but didn’t have time to write down the licene plate number. Thank God this day was over!!!!.

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