Monday, March 2, 2009

Correspondences from 2006

As I stated the letter Dorothy Chamber wrote to Joshua was throw away by me because of the way it made me feel. How did I feel. Confused anger and disappointed that she wouldn’t try to explain any of her actions or why she told them so many lies. The letter for me was just to surreal and left me feeling sick inside. But I did save the second letter (this promise she did keep) to my other son Jesse.

*Note to reader: I had typed the letter as it was written word for word. Also that "Ryan" is at the age of 1 and 1/2 years at the time the letter was written.

Letter from Mother to Jesse:


hi Jess.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (smiley face drawn)

I miss you a whole lot. I hope your summer is going ok.
I have been trying to call but no ever answers the phone. Im sending you some money to buy something you enjoy.
How are you doing? We are fine Ryan is into everything- he gets yelled at and alot of time outs, he goes to a babysitter when I go to work, he cried at first when I left but now he is okay with it, it is storming here today, It is really foggy everyday-because where we are is in a valley there are alot of hills (mountains) all around us. I want you and Josh to come out and visit a weekend if you would like that.
You can call me anytime you want to I start work at 730 in the morining and im back home about 230 300 p
Please call me, I miss you. I love you xxoo
take care

love (smiley face drawn) mom

[her Wisconsin phone number]

Happy Birthday
Say hi to Josh,

Because the children would tell Dorothy Chambers over and over again on the phone that they didn’t wish to speak to her on the phone and never would come and visit. As stated in the journal we all decided that maybe a written letter from both boys would get the point across to her. My sons both told Dorothy Chambers many many times they didn’t wish to talk with her on the phone but she just refused to validate their wishes.

Joshua’s letter was type:


I have been meaning to write this letter so I can stop all this nonsense. first things first stop calling I don’t want to talk not now not never. Second this is the only letter I’m going to write so don’t write ever. cause I wont write back. got it. Third I don’t want to see you or visit you keep that in mind. forth don’t ever call my friends, they don’t need to get in tangled with this, also stop asking “how is your summer”, It sucks got it. not to say but I’m sick of the lies and the crap you keep saying, one other thing is me, Jesse and dad cant be more happy that you left so stop calling and writing letters it just get us all mad again about your stupid stuff so let us be, got it. this is all I got to say so leave us alone.

PS. leave us alone

Joshua signed....

Jesse letter was handwritten:

I do not want to visit, see, or talk with you. I do not want to live with you. You made me feel bad, when you left and lied to me, you said his name was Williams but it was Worman. Why did you lie to me? don’t call me any more, I don’t want to talk wit you. I want to live wit Josh and Dad. Why do you keep calling us? I love Ryan and hope he is doing fine I want this to end, stop calling me. Dont right back

p.s. My summer sucks how is your summer?

from Jesse

These two letters from my sons were the hardest letters I ever had to read. It still bring me emotional pain even to this day.....

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