Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A good friend of my James has a great site on men who suffer from emotional psychological and sometimes physical abuse from they partners. Also James has constructed some very good videos between the abuser and victims both on his site and YouTube. These videos take time and energy but James does it to help all those victims who are trying to understand why their relationships suffers so much just as my did at one time. Here is a sample of those videos: I hope visitors to my site will review James videos and leave comments for I know they have helped so many victims to understand and see how any type of toxic dysfunctional relationship is a never ending struggle and a hopeless cause for the victim. James is helping so many people so please help him to help others. It isn't what we say that will define us in the end but what we have done On a personal note: James, thank you so much for your site and the many videos! I hope you kept up the good work and kept making more of these type of videos!! I thank you all and may God Bless!