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Personal Journal Part 3

6/15/06: Around 1:pm. Got home from a job interview. Herb Parrish (lived in that same trailer park where we lived) told me the postal delivery driver left me a certified notice. I got upset, thinking that maybe this was a legal matter. I called Dorothy as soon as possible after trying to claim down. Paul Worman answered the call. I asked to speak with Dorothy. Boyfriend agreed and she received the call. I asked her what was in the letter and she replied (at this time I still don’t have that certified letter from the post office) that it was the children’s social numbers, birth certificates. Dorothy also stated that there would be a notice of her address in it. I told her I all ready had that information and didn’t need it. Dorothy stated that boyfriend was on another call and if she may call me back later. I agreed and gave her my home phone number. But at this time I also stated that she was to give this number to no one else! End of conversation. Dorothy did return call after about one hour. Dorothy first concern was how I got her number in Wisconsin! I stated that she gave it to me when she called my cell number. (Some numbers can’t be block when calling a cell, I check with my cell phone carrier to confirm that and the carrier stated that you would need a special type of cell to block calls) She then asked how I got her physical address, I replied, “That’s not important”. We spend about one hour on the phone about many issues, custody; calls made to this number (my home personal phone number) and other issues. I asked if boys wanted too, can they call back when they wake up. Dorothy stated that “why are you putting limitation on when the boys can call me. I replied that is not what I am saying, I am just asking if you want the boys to call you when they awake! She agreed. I told both boys about this conversation and told them if they wanted, to call her back. Jesse stated that he would call later, but never did and I didn’t push the issue. Joshua stated, no he didn’t wait to call her back.

The following is what I was able to learn from her and issues discussed. I on the other hand gave as little information as possible. Unless it pertain to the children’s warfare.

>Paul Worman is still going thru a divorce with his ex wife Bridgette. The divorce was not completed yet. (update on 7/23/06, Boyfriend file for divorce on 7/6/06) Dorothy didn’t state when this might happen, I didn’t ask for more information on this issue. I did replu “you living with a married man?”. (I know that we are not married, but it does show just how quickly both parties are rushing into this arrangement i.e. relationship). Why the rush? I asked if Dorothy spoke with her and she stated the boyfriends ex left the state and their child a boy with him. Note to self, what happened between boyfriend and ex to make a person do that? Or is this just more bullshit?

>Boy: age: unknown:
>Name unknown: update boy’s name is Paul

>Van (green Plymouth) was in bad shape. That it made it to Wisconsin after leaving the children and myself but after that it was having car (update: 07/07/06 engine has a crank cylinder head, but she is still driving van, Lie?) problems. I didn’t ask for details. Dorothy stated that she wanted to sign my name to the registration to sell/trade? . I told her no, which would be forgery.

And if I did find out I would take legal action against her. I asked her to just mail it to me and I would sign it and mail it back to her again. Dorothy didn’t agree or disagree to this.

>Dorothy stated that she was still not working, but looking for work. Question, with whom car?

>Dorothy (here we go again!!) requested more of her property again. I told her that I knew nothing more of any other property of hers. She gave me (see property file) a small list and I informed her I would look and then mail back anything I might have found. That “I am no longer willing to made arrangement to drop any more stuff off for her to pick up“. I asked if that was all and Dorothy said for now, I stated “no, give me your entire request!” “I want this over and done with!”. But that this time I wanted my time frame to do it and not her! At this time I was sick of all the lies and power plays on her part. She did not agree to this and said nothing.

>I asked her about the $60.00 I gave too her to pay a bill that was returned because the fee changed. She said if I gave back what was on the list. She would pay me back. Sounds like blackmail to me! I did not reply back to this statement. Only said that I would look and return back any property I found on the list.

>I demanded again that she was not too give my personal home phone number to anyone including Paul Worman, her family members, etc. She agreed to this. I stated that if she broke this agreement I would change the home phone number again and that she would never get the new personal home phone number. She again agreed to this arrangement. Update: she did break the agreement. Boyfriend did call me, so I change my phone number.

>Dorothy Chambers again asked how I received the information about her boyfriend and her new physical address. And again I told her that it was not important at this time. But she seems to be very concerned about this.

>I talked about getting counseling for the boys and she asked if I would be keeping her updated on this issue, I agreed.

>Asked if she had access to a personal computer? She stated that she did. She asked about her Yahoo email account and that her personal address book was deleted. I stated that I knew nothing about it.

>Note to self. When I called Dorothy after receiving the certified mail, I noticed the boyfriend was home. He answered the phone. Does he work nights or does he work at all? Or was he just home at that time?

>Dorothy asked about the utilities here (my home) and if I switch them over to my name and open new accounts. (All utilities were in her name, which is how she wanted it; this includes the past home phone numbers) I informed her that only the electric bill was switch over and that I would take care of the gas and water later, I didn’t give her a time frame and she didn’t ask. She did state that she did have boyfriend’s (Nicor?) gas turn on in her name. Note to self, why would (update: to have a physical address in Wisconsin, I think) she do this?, knowing that she still owns on her past account with the Nicor Gas Company here in Illinois? Questions, Questions...

>Dorothy stated something about getting (without having a job? guess boyfriend will be helping her out and/or using his car?) an reliable car and that a person in this area can’t get anywhere, in fact it takes about a 20 minute drive to get to the closer store.

>Dorothy stated that after boyfriend and her pick up the property from SHPD, they went to a hotel and spent the night there. Question to self, if they stayed in Illinois overnight, what would have been the problem to pick up her property on Saturday? God, how I hate this shit!

>Asked about her boyfriend. I saw how slow he moved in the SHPD’s parking lot. How careful he was not to hurt himself and how he didn’t help her load his vehicle. I asked what was (health wise) wrong with him. Dorothy compared him with her brothers (being blue collar workers which is hard labor) and that his body wasn’t in the greatest condition. Asked if boyfriend was on medication? (Pain killers). Dorothy replied no, he is not (lie?).

>Note to self, Not a tear in her eye when discussing the children and current issues (counseling, therapy, Jesse’s depression and them not wanting to talk with her, call her, etc) The only time she shown me any emotional stress was when she was talking about her stuff! I am not sure how I feel about this from her. Questions, Questions.

7/7/06: Dorothy called at 6:38am.

No calls from Dorothy until today at 6:38am in the morning and then again at 3:51pm (I ask for her to call back to talk with the boys). Dorothy call stating the reason for a early call was before she didn’t know what time I left for work. I was very upset with her for calling so early. (I did later apologized for yelling at her when she called back and she accepted my apologize. But also told her to never call that early again) She said something about food stamps and/or her account will be closed? I told her I didn’t know what she was talking about and asked that she explain it. Dorothy stated that I did know. She stated it was worth about seven hundred dollars? She stated that she was going to mail it to me. I assured her I didn’t know what she was talking about and told her I wanted to talk about the Illinois Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity that I mailed weeks ago. That was what I was concerned about and that it was been about 2 to 3 weeks since I mailed it to Dorothy (I mail the Illinois Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity forms on June 22 2006 via U.S. Postal Service Delivery Confirmation Receipt. See custody claim forms file) and wanted to know why she has not contacted me about it. We talked about this before and she agreed (just another lie I guess) to sign it and also stated that she had a copy of one. She then changed the subject about Wisconsin public aid and how it was very different then how the Illinois system works. That Wisconsin Public aid would come after me for child support. Dorothy stated that Ryan needed his shots and also for his medical needs. I told her I wanted child support as well. That when she stated that she would not give me custody and that’s why she didn’t sign the Illinois Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity. Damn, I shouldn’t have brought up child support. Maybe that’s why she called so early. Knowing I would be half-asleep. Dorothy stated that she had a job making $8.00 per hour and working part-time (5 hours a day) and had to drive about 2 hours (1 or 2 hour one way, she didn’t specify) then I asked if she had another car, and she stated “no, I have to still drive the green Plymouth van“. I then ask who was watching Ryan and she stated that she had a babysitter that she had to pay $50.00 for but then changed that to $150.00 per week. God, I will never know what the truth is, will I?

I didn’t ask about more information on babysitter, wish I did!

Dorothy also stated that I was keeping the boys from talking to her (she later denied that when she called back at 3:51pm). I told her that was not true and that the boys wanted to speak with her. I then asked for a time that she would call back and told me 3:00 pm, I told her no, but to call back at 4:00 pm. She then went back to the thing (link card) she wanted to mail to me. I told her I didn’t care. She then stated that she would just cut it up. I told her to just mail the damn thing (now I am curiosity about what she is talking about, it seem important to her!) and told her I had to leave and wanted to end this conversation.

Dorothy called back at 3:51pm.

I told Dorothy that I wanted to discuss some issues after her spoke with the boys.

I gave Joshua the phone first:

Later, Joshua told me that he told her that he didn’t want to talk with her or see her and that I was not keeping them from talking (I asked the boys to tell her that because she would state that I was keeping the boys from talking with her which is a lie and was sick of this BS from her!) with her. I also asked Joshua to mention the Illinois Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity, which he said he did. Joshua told her that he wanted my name on his birth certificate and to sign it. When Josh gave me the phone back, he was smiling/laughing, Later I asked Josh about it and he stated the Dorothy said that she loved him and he felt that was bullshit. He also said that Dorothy said she would sigh the Illinois Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity. Update she never did, just another lie!

I then came the phone to Jesse:

Later, Jesse told me that he told Dorothy that it was a lie that I was keeping him from talking with her. Jesse stated to Dorothy that he didn’t want to talk or see her right now. This I heard because Jesse was in the living room and I was in the dinning room. I later asked what she said because I could see him shaking his head with a funny look on this face. Jesse told me that she said that Ryan missed him? Why would she try using a 1 1/2-year-old child to make him feel bad? I asked Jesse if he thought this was a lie and he said “yes”. Jesse also told me that after he told her he didn’t want to talk with her. Dorothy said that she wanted him to “visit us”. I guess Dorothy wasn’t listening to a thing Jesse had to say!. After Jesse had that funny expression on this face I asked him if he was done. Jesse nod yes and gave me back the phone. I told Dorothy not to push the issue after seeing Jesse’s facial expression, that maybe something she said to him was wrong that she might had said that to him to confused him. Note to self: I asked Jesse about this later and he told me that his mother stated “Ryan missed him”.

My turn with Dorothy on phone call:

*Note to self. Talked on the phone with Dorothy until 4:50pm

First I apologized for yelling when she called at 6:38am and she accepted my apologize. I requested that she stop saying that I was not allowing the children to speak with her. Hearing it from both the children and I. Dorothy then denied that she ever say that, I disagreed and inform her that (god, if I had a penny each time she lied, I wouldn’t have money issues) she just said it this morning when we spoke this morning, which she did, Dorothy again denied that she had said that. I then just dropped the issue. I asked her about the Illinois Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity and what she would be about that. Dorothy stated that because I wanted child support she didn’t want to sign it. WTF! She told Joshua one thing and then me something completely different! I told her it wasn’t about child support and did she read the instruction on the back of the forms. Dorothy said she did and that it state that (custody) on the form. I told her that this wasn’t the reason I wanted it signed. I inform her that I wanted my name on Joshua’s birth certificate and what might happen if it wasn’t. (Reasons: If I died today Joshua would not be able to collect my Social Security death benefit.) The same might be true for Jesse. Also, That Joshua wants my name on it and what would happen when his future wife or children would ask why his father’s name wasn’t on his birth certificate? I stated to her that if you wanted a relationship with the children, this wouldn’t be a good way to start it. I said that she knew that I am the biologist father and why is she giving me a problem (she did agree before) and I informed her that by signing this Illinois Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity, that it would benefit the children and her, not me. It will only make me financially and legally responsible for the children’s warfare. She said nothing. I asked her about what she said this morning about getting Public aid for Ryan medical needs. I told Dorothy that I didn’t want Ryan to suffer for her mistakes and to go ahead and complete the application for Wisconsin Public aid and that it was my responsible as a parent to pay child support. I also, stated that I would work with the Public aid department in Wisconsin concerning this matter. I requested that she give me the boy’s medical records because school would be starting soon and I may need them. She stated that she would give me a copy, I disagreed with that and stated that she can keep a copy if she wanted but to give me the originals. She said something about going to the state health department and that they would have a record of them. I guess this is her ideal about working together on this! I later went back to this issue and stated how important these record were to the boys and I. She said that she would look for them but didn’t (strange, before she stated she would make a copy, now the story changes. God, lie after lie, I am so fucken sick of all these lies! Can this person tell the truth??) know were they might be at. Some of her property was in fact in Wisconsin, but some of her property was also in Illinois at her parent’s home. At this point, I was thinking, “I hope there is another way to get these medical records?”. I then asked about Kid-Care and when she told me about us applying for it. why my name was not on a form I found after she left. Dorothy stated that they only needed her name, not mine. After she said that, I stop talking for a few seconds, thinking (another lie?) what kind of bullshit is this? Dorothy, then yell “Hello, Hello!!” I told her I was just thinking about what you just stated about Kid-care. I dropped the subject after that. Again I was getting no place talking with her on these issues. I told Dorothy that maybe because of all these changes in her life so quickly, maybe she should seek out a therapist (psychotherapist) like the children and I. I informed Dorothy that the VA would let me talk with a therapist about my depression. She then asked about the boy treatment (therapist) I inform her that the agency has not call back yet. And that I was upset about it, but would keep trying to get help for them. Dorothy didn’t give me any feedback on this issue concerning the possibility of talking with an therapist for herself.

I felt that she just ignored it and dismissed it! And maybe it was just a game of mine. I was very seriously concern about Dorothy and her state of mind both emotionally and mentality . I suggested that if she wanted answers why the boy didn’t want to see or talk with her (I brought this up, not her. But I felt that she didn’t believe the boys or me. Or, she didn’t care. because after talking with them, she didn’t cry or ask questions. If my sons told me that they didn‘t want to talk with me, it would hurt me emotionally very much). That maybe she should try contacting her Son (Dorothy had not talk with her son since losing custody from her ex husband Joe Guth) Robert Guth. Dorothy stated that he has nothing to do with this. I disagreed with her stating that these issue(s) were both the same in the matter which were happening with us and herself. God, what is wrong with this women, is she stupid or just an idiot. Or worst, is something wrong with her mentally? Can she care for my youngest Ryan. God help me!!

Dorothy stated to me. That I was yelling at her, I disagreed and stated that I was just talking very definitely and seriously. I told Dorothy that because of her action in this matter and current events (trying to get me injury or killed at the Spring Hill mall incidence the lying, leaving the state of Illinois, moving in with a married man, God knows what else...) that her creditability was in question. (For some reason after saying this she started talking about what she owns to her credit account?) I was talking about her accountable with us. I then stated comparing her actions and mine. Example: She lie about going to her mother to live, lying to the children about her boyfriends last name (The night she left, Jesse asked her the name of her boyfriend, Dorothy told him it was Paul Williams, later turn out to be Paul Worman). That she also lie to my sister about when she was picking up her property at the Sleepy Hollow Police department, that she was driving herself in the Green Plymouth van. Later turn out to be the boyfriend’s car. There are so many untruthful statements from her that it is getting impossible to list.

I told her that I never cheated on her, never left her and the children and that I tried to never lie to her. I stated that my creditability was intact and that she needed to start taking responsibilities for her actions and the cause and affect of her decisions. Dorothy response was that “I didn’t call to talk about our relationship”. God, what relationship? After this, I heard loud banging and cabinet door closing loudly. I guess maybe her boyfriend came into room and was upset about something. The noises I heard was from an adult not a child. That what you get when living in a trailer, sound travel fast and you can hear a lot having lived in a very close surroundings/setting. We lived in an trailer ourselves for so many years, I know this to be true. Dorothy Chambers also stated the her Illinois Drivers License is up for renewal on her birthday and stated the cost of a replacement. Why she would tell me this is unknown to me.

I then recap the issues knowing that this phone conversation would be over soon due to her sound of voice and the banging I knew prior.

Will you sign the Illinois Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity, she agreed. Update: (lie)

Will you send me the boy’s medical records, she agreed. Update: (Truth)

Will you complete the application for Ryan’s medical need with the state of Wisconsin public aid department, she agreed. Update: (unknown)

I then stated that our business was done and she agreed, I then say goodbye and (I don’t wait any more for any responses from her, due to the fact I never get a reply just dead air!) hung up the phone.

Note to self. Why is it that each time I say goodbye on the phone, she never acknowledge it and never ends the phone conversation with a goodbye, just silence from her? It’s like just to be civil toward me is beneath her but at the same time she wants that from me.


Received mailed letter from Dorothy Chambers on 07/10/06. Letter posted marked on 07/07/06 from post office Madison, Wisconsin. Letter contained a Link Card with Dorothy’s signature on back of card. The signature was faded neither because of physical time she had it in her possession or a attempted to remove it by a tool or chemical(s). Also, contain in the letter is a written (statement) note giving me information on the Link Card: A dollar amount ($700.00) and a pin number (1327). I researched the web for information on this “link card”. And find out that the Public aid department of Illinois uses it as funds for food items only issues it. Why Dorothy Chambers would mail me this card is unknown. No information on written statement (letter) was given. Dorothy didn’t sign letter/statement. But I will talk with her later if given the opportunity to do so. In my opinion, I believe that Dorothy Chambers wants me to use this card for food, but that could be possibly an unlawful practice and/or an action of fraud. Why Dorothy Chambers would want this is unknown to me at this time. I don’t know how long this card has been in her possession and have never see it before. Both Dorothy Chambers and I need to discuss this matter as soon as possible to clear up any possible misunderstanding. But given Dorothy Chamber's little or no creditability, Not sure if I can get the truth from her. Note to self: not sure what to do with link card, return to owner (Dorothy Chambers) or mail to address were it states if lost or stolen. Will ask her what she wants.

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