Saturday, February 28, 2009

Does the drama ever end?

Sorry but the answer is No. Because those that suffer from a personality disorder leave so much destruction and heartache in their wake you will be hearing stories and reports from many sources and some you never expected to hear from....

The post was taken from a web site called dating psychos were I post Dorothy Chambers on a few years ago. The person who replied (posted) on this site is Dorothy Chambers ex husband’s current wife. Her name is Candy (for real!) and I did meet her once at court when Joe Guth tried to take Dorothy Chambers back to court for all the unpaid child support he never received when Joe and her divorced. I am sorry to report that Joe did lose his case. Why? Because he waited to long before trying to collect. I also know that to my knowledge she never paid any child support or even tried to visit her children born from this union. I know the reason (lie) she told me why she never visited her children but I always believed it was because the court would give her "supervised visitation rights only". I do remember one comment from Candy when we were at the court house that was stated to me by Candy was that “she could take me” which I knew was to imply that she could beat me up?? I know confusing but then look at whose we're dealing with. I also wish to add that the on-patrol court police officer that day at the court house had to intervene due to Candy’s “inappropriate behavior” during our court sessions. Promising her that if it didn’t stop “someone would be arrested“.

Candy post:

7/20/2008 @ 03:04:25 PM - numberthree

“I know firsthand the effects of leaving her first two children has caused them and all around them. Her daughter now 21 1/2 and pregnant with her second child is her mother incarnate - only having seen her mother about four times in her life genetics sure messed her up - the daughter ACTS and LOOKS exactly like Dorothy, right down to the lying and strealing and using Crocodile tears and saying what you want to hear to make you happy at that moment. Now the daughter, the ONLY daughter born to Dorothy has tried to pass off her first son on the father of this second one (race being a factor here) - why would he complain he's been getting what he wants! Sound familiar JIM? I was once told about the daughter do not believe anything that first comes out of her mouth it will be a lie - and if that wasn't the truth. The daughter Demands attention - even over her son - she has said OUTLOUD after everyone would coo about her son WHAT ABOUT ME, WHAT ABOUT R------? Now getting pregnant again, she is getting attention - but what happens when this one is born? For the past 6 1/2 years I have had to watch this female in action - getting attention - and nothing ever her fault - lying, stealing, SLEEPING around for heroin - habitual runinng away - to ruin our holiday, birthday, anniversary, anything that wasn't about HER. Now as for Dorothy's firstborn a son - A major alcoholic 23 1/2 years old - big on buying his friends getting his attention by buying it - and drinking it - and again nothing is his fault - always around guys but for the one female to fake his sexuality - he hates females - only nice when he needs something like to borrow a car. NOW JIM, remember when we took Dorothy to court to get the child support that was NEVER paid, Dorothy being pregnant and YOU making smart a-- little man that you are, comments? Do you really believe that last child is YOURS? You still haven't learned anything. What poor you? You allowed your children to go through this HELL, why didn't you get out like the first one did? 17 years and you are bitchin? Little, little man - yes, Dorothy is like a head taller than you. To think you left your first wife because she got pregnant and you didn't want any children - what have you done to that child? You make me sick.”

My reply:

2/24/2009 @ 05:15:14 AM - Jim

Yes I remember that very well indeed. And I also remember how you lost your case. I can assure you my children are doing much better now and also to remind you that they are NO concern of your and anyone connected to Dorothy Chamber. To this day they want no contact with her or anyone who knows her. All you know is what is being told to you by people who know Dorothy but here the problem Dorothy Chambers is a pathological liar. Someone that couldn’t tell the truth if her life depended on it. Like the case you lost in court for back children support you tried to acquire from her, you would lose this case just as easily. Guess some people never learn? Anyway back to your questions. “Do you really believe that last child is YOURS?” Without a DNA test I will never to sure. Dorothy will sleep with anyone or thing that she believe will give her something in return like money a car and/or housing. Like all sociopaths they are very promiscuous and had numerous sexual partners. So no I don’t know or will know again until the child and I are tested to confirm if this child is my or not. Hope that will answer your question Numberthree. As for the size or tallest of Dorothy compare to myself I don’t see your point? I guess it is meant to “hurt my feeling?“ Well if so then who is really being a small person? But thanks anyway for the chuckles! As for making you “sick” I thank you for that as well knowing I must have hit a nerve someplace.

I did have another child with Stephanie my ex wife and may I add my "only wife". I take full responsibility for that and would ask forgiveness if I knew her whereabouts today. I don’t but Stephanie is a good and moral person who I know would make a good mother and caretaker. I never once worried about my son (who was adopted and with my blessing) because I knew he is with people who love and care for him. I lost my son due to my own immaturity and lack of insight. But I did go on from there to learn my lessons and never allow this to be repeated again which is why I have both of my sons with me today. Can Dorothy state this as well? I don’t believe so. In fact both of “my” children want nothing to do with Dorothy Chambers something she will have to live with for the rest of her life...

Please come back and give us more information on Dorothy her family (what’s left of it) me and yourself as well. It’s always nice when people can share..

“To think you left your first wife because she got pregnant and you didn't want any children - what have you done to that child? “

Not sure how any of this got so twisted but then anything from Dorothy “what’s her last name now” and you get twisted and thrown into some dysfunctional nightmare. My divorce with my only wife was mutual and no one got hurt from it. Wish I could say the same for anyone that dates a sociopath or someone as twisted and dysfunctional as yourself.

Have a great day numberthree and thanks again for your comments. It‘s always nice to talk with someone that know very little (I mean number3 that Dorothy and yourself spend little or no time together and that each one of you living your own dysfunctional lives) and yet will twist and lie for whatever reason you may have.

PS: Please get some professional help numberthree for your own good....

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