Sunday, February 22, 2009

What makes you think that someone with a Personality Disorder is dangerous?

5/27/06: Dorothy called me on mother’s phone number (xxx-xxx-1936) around 10:am. I explained that I would drop off her property at the Spring Hill Mall by Officemate and ask her to go right on front of the Store Street. To take that and go behind the Walgreen's store. I asked her who would be coming with her and asked if she would not bring her mother. Dorothy said that her mother wasn’t home and would not be coming. Dorothy informed me that her and her sister (Marie) would be the only people coming. I ask about her cell phone and she (Dorothy) inform me that Ryan (son) threw her phone in the toilet and that it did not work anymore. I asked if her sister Marie had a cell and she said no. I then asked her if she wanted to talk with the boys and she agreed but then changes her mind and would just call the boys after she went back home. I then asked again about the arrangements to make sure she knew were she was going. In our conversation, I believe she made a mistake and told me that there would be two cars. I ask why she thinks she needed two cars and she stated that M would drive one with the children and her van for her property. This statement raises a few red flags and I didn’t believe her. My sister (Judy) helped me unpack her van and that she had to return to her home to give her daughter the car. J stated that she would pick me up later with her husband‘s car. She asked me if I would be all right knowing how Dorothy can be and her past history and about what I told her about my conversation with Dorothy’s mother that day. I reply that I would be fine.

Time: Unknown: Received cell call from unknown number (xxx-xxx-0491-Marie?). Dorothy screams that she was unable to location property/me. Tried to explain again, but Dorothy would not listen. She asks me why I was doing this and that she was in front of Officemate. Look in that direction and saw my green Plymouth Van. Scream in Dorothy direction to get her attention. Dorothy saw me and then pointed at me. Got a bad feeling and started to walk away. Heard a loud engine sound, like a truck/car moving at a very fast speed. Turn around and saw a large truck heading straight at me. Started to Run. Then heard two-truck door’s opening and saw two men getting out of truck. Two unknown white males running after me. Ran faster and headed for the 1st store I found (Kinko's), ran inside of store and started yelling for someone to call police. Both White males followed (running) me inside store. I turned around at look at one of the (*update male turned out to be Dorothy’s brother-in-law) *unknown male. He had long gray hair. Walked up to male with my hands up holding my cell phone. Unknown male turns away and called me a pussy then departed the store.

Both the store manager and I called the West Dundee police Department. The store manager asked me to talk with operator on store phone. Explained to the 911 operator what happen and that she would dispatch a car to location. Few minutes later. A West Dundee police officer walked into the store and I walked over to him. He asked for my name and other information. Asked me what happen. And then ask me to walk outside with him. I stay the police car. He walked over to the other officer talking with Dorothy and the other two while males. Officer asked me how I would get home. Explained that my sister would pick me up. Officer offered to take me back to my sister’s house. I agreed. Later I called the West Dundee. Police department to ask for the police report number: xx-xxxx. *update xx-xxxx is just a dispatch number. Ask officer what would happen. Officer stated nothing because he didn’t see the truck trying to hit me and nothing could be done. I asked the officer why the two unknown male was chasing me and the police officer stated “they saw you running and wanted to know why???”.

5/28/06: No call from children’s mother
5/29/06: No call from children’s mother

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James said...

"They saw you running and wanted to know why???"..

Unbelievable but true. Boy the the cop and I have a good laugh over that one. The cop couldn't help but smile when he told me that "big" lie...

Set up? BIG TIME!