Thursday, February 26, 2009

But what about her family?

Red Flags for a Narcissistic dysfunctional family

My Ex D : Mom and Dad….

My Narcissistic personality disorder partner’s (classic NPD) mother would fly into a rage almost over anything. A classic NPD. Controlling Manipulative, lying and evil person. Cheated on her husband many, many times. In fact, one time my ex Sociopath/Personality (S/P) told me about a family get together and that all his Children verbally attacked Mommy dearest because their father found out that she was seeing yet another man and of course Daddy dearest just let the children take care of this matter, like well that’s what his children are there for to help Him out!. Well he just sat there with his face looking at the floor. Per my ex , Being a compulsion liar herself. I take all her stories with a grain of salt, but this one I do believe. Yes, Mommy and Father Dearest. To know them is to love them. In fact mommy dearest loved her children so much that (again, per my ex S/P) her mommy dearest would kick her children out of the house in the hot summer months (summer vacation from school) and then wouldn’t allow them back in until Daddy dearest soon would be returning home from work. Yes, dear reader’s to know them is to love them. When this dysfunctional family gets together for their annual (holidays) doses of (Narcissistic supply) this is the only time does the brothers and sisters see each other, never do they just drop by to say hi and see each other and only the main family members attend these get together. No outsiders allow unless of course they can use them for something.

My ex Sociopath/Personality brothers and sisters… (As told to me by my ex s/p)

Let’s start in order from youngest to oldest….

MC, well, he received a felony (residential burglary) at a young age of 19. As a young boy, stealing bikes and then stripping them and Exchanging parts to build him a home made bike. Guess He didn’t care that the other children would be sad that he took their bikes. Married a woman (very fat woman) that had money, or should I say that her family does? Can’t you smell the money? Oh, I mean love in the air…..

MC, Don’t really know too much about her, my ex S/P didn’t Say much concerning this sister or in fact any of them. What I do know is that she stayed away from home, when She was younger as much as possible. She married a man who had some issues himself. In fact they moved from a house into a apartment and was told that he is on some kind of Social Security Benefits. He suffers from some kind of illness, but that was never made clear to me. What I do know is that after my ex S/P left my children and I and demanded some of her property in which I did give back to her, She had her brother-in-law (the one standing to the right with his back turned) tried to run me over with his big red truck and when that didn’t work, He and another friend chase me into a store. It’s always been so fun to have these little families NPD’s gets together…. Oh what nice people these NPD can be.

JC, well again I know so little about JC, my ex S/P doesn’t really Talk much about her brothers and sister, but she does a hell of lot of talking about their spouses. How she loved to put people in their places and label them which is always right where she wants them. Soon after JC married his wife, she started working as a bartender and meet a nice man that gave her cocaine, guess He wanted to be friends? Or is it called friends with benefits? Well, when JC (guess you can tell I don’t really like him very much and you would be right. Which I will explain later) found out that his new wife was sleeping with a drug pusher, he ask her to leave. But don’t worry dear readers become his wife parents called JC and got the two back together. Guess her parents didn’t want her as well? No better to pawn her off to another loser. Well, the only other thing that I can remember about JC is that for some reason at his wedding (yes, same cheating loser) he came up to me when I was sitting at the bar and tried to cold cock me…

Well, when this didn’t work his new bride started pushing me out of the building And yelling at me to leave, “guess she thought I would hit her brand new hubby”. Well why did JC hit me? Oh, because his boss (why I never did find out) gave me a dirty look and I returned the favor. And I shouldn’t have done That to JC’s boss….. JC boy needs to get his daily dose of narcissistic supply from him on Monday.

Here is were my Dorothy Chambers would be, but this is about her brothers and sisters So, let’s just skip Dorothy Chambers. And then just continue with this wonderful me family...

DC, oh D were do we start? Remember that old nursery rhyme? “They was a old woman that lives in a shoe, she had so many children she didn’t know what to do?” Yes, dear readers she lived in a shoe. No, but she did have a lot of children; guess it was a good Narcissistic Supply for her! But she didn’t know what to do with them, Then one day DC drop off her children To her sister, yes, mine ex S/P and didn’t come back for them for Weeks and weeks. Her children asking my ex S/P and I, “did my mother called tonight?“. Tell me readers, how do you answer that question to her children? She Didn’t care, didn’t call…. She, this poor old woman in the shoe would pawn her children to anyone that would take them so that she could party and have fun and sleep around, which she did a lot (somatic?) with men. Her other NS, I guess. Were is daddy you ask (for these two anyway), gone (guess HE knew what to do, run!) Again a coke addict like DC. But not to worry she would just found another narcissistic supply. Oh, I mean new hubby…. Well, with this new relationship they both have an agreement; “You sleep with whom you want too, and I will do the same.” Isn’t NPD family’s grant?

Just to recap on this issue, I hated going over to their dysfunctional family so much that in my 17 years with my ex S/P. I spend maybe few months in their dysfunctional family get together. Our two boys hated going over there and never had any kind of relationship with their mother’s family. And because these stories are from my ex S/P you will need to take it with a grain of salt. One thing I have learned about S/Ps is that they lie, lie and then lie again. I do believe these because it must have been a great source of narcissistic supply for my ex S/P. They love when other people suffer don’t they! One other interesting thing about her brother and sisters, no one finished high school except for DC (my ex S/P guess I had some positive effect on her life).

*A child, after all, is the ultimate Source of Narcissistic Supply. It is unconditionally adoring, worshiping and submissive. But it is also a demanding thing and it tends to divert attention from the narcissist. A child takes too much of everything that the adults around him have to offer: time, energy, emotions, resources, attention. The narcissistic can easily be converted to the view that a child is a menace, a nuisance, utterly unnecessary.

This makes for a very shaky foundation of marital life. The narcissist does not need or seek companionship or friendship. He does not mix sex and emotions. He finds it hard to make love to someone that he loves. He ultimately abhors his children and tries to limit and confine them to the role of Narcissistic Supply Sources. He is a bad friend, lover and father. He is likely to divorce many times (if he ever gets married) and to end up in a series of monogamous relationships.

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