Sunday, April 5, 2009

Exposure to parasites


From Candy’s aka numberthree

“You allowed your children to go through this HELL, why didn't you get out like the first one did?”

Or From Angela Wiegold (Pape) aka Angle69

“Why don't you move on like her First husband did?”

Now both of these questions are valid and should be address.

Let’s take Candy’s comment first shall we?

This person would be correct that because If I didn’t do something I would have in fact let my children go through hell because whenever we allow a problem to go unchallenged or at least try not to understand the problem and/or problems we live a life of denial and then the problems will just grow and grow over time. Because I didn't know what a sociopath is I can only say I did the best I could and live with my part in this for the rest of my life. But Candy is right insomuch that the children and I did in fact go through hell with Dorothy Chambers.

But in all fairness I did many times try very hard to do something. We went to counseling three times trying to see why both Dorothy and myself were having so many interpersonal problems in our relationship. The first counseling was a elder woman and very good at her job. She saw some personal issues with both of us and knew we needed to work on them. But for some reason after getting closer to some issues with Dorothy and Dorothy telling us both “how much she hated her mother” in one session Dorothy did a quick turn around and quit therapy that day after leaving that session.

Dorothy told me after leaving that session that she would “never” go back and would quit. When I ask Dorothy why? Her reply was “I do not like talking about my past”. Now I did something I wished that I wouldn’t have done and let her and myself quit.

Telling her “maybe” we could work this out between ourselves. Of course I still at this time didn’t know anything about “personality disorders” or that Dorothy was a sociopath and in fact this happen when my oldest son was just a baby. I know I will live with that mistake for the rest of my life.

The next therapist didn’t have the skills needed to work with a family and found it very distracting when our young children attended the session. We both agree to quit this therapist and only went for one session with the therapist.

The last therapist was really a joke..

Why? When in our first and again only session he told Dorothy that there wasn’t anything wrong with her and in fact went on to ask her if she had any “sisters” that he could date. Funny I often wonder if this guy is still working in this field and how I hope to God he isn’t.

Yes my children did go through hell with Dorothy Chambers like anyone will who get involved with her. But I did try which is all any of us can do whenever dealing with these type of people. But if you are involved with a PD (Personality disorder) remember that nothing is their fault and will never take personal responsibility for anything they do. In fact I been told that therapy can sometimes make them worst not better. So if you are thinking about going to therapy please find one that understand and knows what a personality disorder is.

Okay, next question from Angela Wiegold (Pape) aka Angle69.

“Why don't you move on like her First husband did?”

I can only guess that Angela Wiegold (Pape) is suggesting that I stop posting and exposing Dorothy Chambers for what I know she is and what she suffer from. After learning about people that suffer from personality disorders I learned quickly that one can’t play by the rules because for an sociopath there are no rules or at least only “their rules”. This explains why most of us go “no contact” (NC) because one can’t compromise with a person who lack any type of empathy or conscience. We go NC because we learn sooner or later that any contact with them in nothing short then toxic and dysfunctional. We do it to save our own life and sanity. But I feel the need to expose those that will only go on and find yet another source of supply. Someone else to give them what they need albeit food money a place to live, well the list of course goes on and on.

A sociopath is a very parasitic person that needs to feed off of someone. They are empty shells and hate to be alone. These are the same people who can “fall in love quickly” and also fall out of love just as quick. In short they attach to others quickly just like a parasite will but will detach just as quickly once that host have nothing more to offer them and/or they find a better host. So the reason I expose all sociopath is to warn others about them and then hope they will listen and not make the same mistakes that I did. Of course one can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink it. One will choose for one’s self. I just hope that the people who read my post and other posting on this subject will be wise and make the right choice. So people choose wisely whenever you can around a person who suffers from a personality disorder. These people will suck you dry!

This is why I don’t just move on like her last husband did. And in fact he regretted that decision himself and took Dorothy Chambers back to court after both his children grew up for back child support that Dorothy never paid. Sorry to inform the readers but Joe and Candy lost their case and Dorothy never had to pay a penny. Joe waited too long and I for one won’t make the same mistake. But unlike Joe I don’t want any child support for all I want is to expose her and people like her to sociality and for whoever will listen to watch out for again they will “suck you dry!” and put you though your own personal "HELL".


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