Friday, December 30, 2011

Why NC is Important to me...

One day soon after Dorothy Chambers was gone and we stopped all contact with her by phone because once again she broke a promise made to me that I didn‘t want anyone else to call me or get my personal home phone number which included her family and friends. I told her that if she broke this promise that I would change our home phone number and she would never get the new one. Which she never did.

Dorothy agreed with this but I knew it was only a matter of time before she would break this promise. Remember Dorothy Chambers is a pathological liar so one can’t believe any promises made or anything she tells you.

After she broke her promise not to give our phone to anyone else and I having received a call from her now “new” soulmate who threaten me about having my sons who wrote a letter to their mother explaining about how they felt about visiting her or having them call her. I did in fact change our home phone number at that time as agreed and our home phone numbers was changed within 24 hours with the help and assist from our current home phone carrier. Please read:
for more information concerning the letters mailed too Dorothy Chambers.

But please back to my story. One day soon after changing our home phone number my oldest son came and told me how his friend’s mother received an unexpected phone call from some friend of my now ex Dorothy Chambers. My son’s friends mother is from the Philippines so the reader might want to keep this in mind when reading this, plus she never really knew my ex very well to begin with.

Anyway, one night a caller called and got his mother on the phone and then asked for Dorothy Chambers home phone number knowing that my son’s friend had our new number. Of course only Dorothy Chamber would have know this. Only Dorothy Chambers herself had my oldest son’s friend’s home phone number. This along tells me that Dorothy Chambers was behind this deceitful act and consented the phone call.

Well unknown to the caller and I can only guess that Dorothy Chambers as well, that my son’s friend and his mother never had a very close relationship and she didn’t know most of her son’s friends, let alone their phone numbers. Also to note to the readers, his mother forgot to turn off the answering machine when she answered this call so that this conversation was accidentally recorded. My oldest son’s friend was nice enough to allow all of us to listen to the recorded conversation between the unknown caller and his mother.

*Also of interest the caller tried to disguise his voice but did a really bad job at it. We all had a good laugh over that one! We never really knew who this person was but we believe it to be the new boyfriend.

The recorded phone conversation went like this:

Caller: I am close friend of Dorothy. I am looking for her and wanted to know if you could give me her home phone number?
Friend’s mother: Who do you want?
Caller: I looking for Dorothy Chambers and wanted to know if you have her home phone number?
Friend’s mother: There is no Dorothy that lives here? Why you call me?
Caller: I know she doesn’t live there I just want you to give me her home phone number!
Friend’s mother: I don’t understand, No Dorothy lives here! Why you call me?
Caller: So you won’t give me Dorothy’s home phone number?
Friend’s mother: Who is Dorothy? Dorothy doesn’t live here! What you want?
Caller: Okay then. (Caller hangs up)

Now the friend’s mother didn’t know whom Dorothy Chambers was and also didn’t have that information. I guess because she was from another country the tricksters thought they could trick her into giving the caller our new home phone number by telling her they were a friend looking for Dorothy Chambers. These of course are the tall tell signs of a manipulator but it didn’t work with my oldest son‘s friend’s mother simply because she really didn't know Dorothy Chamber, nor had our home phone number. Too bad too sad.

Now let's go back a few days before I heard the recorded message conversation myself....

The night my oldest son came and told me about this call so that at the time I thought Dorothy Chambers left her new boyfriend and might be back in the state of Illinois. Remember I at this time don’t know about the recorded conversation just that someone called my oldest son‘s friends mother and asked her for Dorothy‘s home phone number in this state. Dorothy Chamber was now living in Wisconsin and not Illinois. So I thought to myself, why would the caller look for her here. Dorothy's own family knew she lived in Wisconsin and had contact with her so it couldn't have been through them. Also due to the fact Dorothy's friends (the few she had) no doubt knew nothing or little about her decision to leave her children and moved to Wisconsin, so it wouldn't have been them. No, whoever called that night knew exactly where Dorothy Chambers was and it wasn't in Illinois.

What happens next is something I never experienced before and hope to God never again.

I had a major panic attack but at the time didn‘t know that!

Just with the thought that she might return to Illinois, I started feeling like I was having a heart attack!

I have all the signs....

Numbest in my right arm
Tightness of the chest
Blood rushing to my head
Feeling like I would pass out
Feeling of hopelessness and a sense thread
Feeling like I was would die

I called my brother-in-law and asked him if he would drive to the hospital because I believed I was having an heart attack! He did drive me there that night.

The doctors in the emergency room ran all the necessary tests to determine if I indeed was having a stroke or heart attack. But my entire tests came back with a good bill of health and that I wasn‘t having an attack.

The good doctor then suggested I see a psychologist, which I did the following week.

All this just thinking she might return? This of course got me thinking what else is wrong with me? So seeing a psychologist sounded like a very good ideal.

Of course this happened five years ago and something like this wouldn’t happen again but it shows the effect these people can have on us in the beginning of our healing and understanding just what we are dealing with. These people are toxic to us so remember things like this can and do happen. The psychological and emotional damage done by abusers is long standing and can invade your now peaceful life and a state of serenity in a heartbeat...

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