Sunday, April 18, 2010

If Only

"Oh only if they could Love! For they will then truly know what they are missing and will miss in time by time"....

If only
By: James Phillips

For only Dorothy if you could love yourself like I loved you
To relate and love your children as they loved you
You suffering would end and the earth would quake
As it witness that you awake

Arrows throw at you by the God of desirers
Would turn to flowers cooling your desires
You suffering would be understood by you
Demons would flee by your silence before you

If you knew love that tingling feeling
feeling deep inside of you would
bring to you a feeling of bliss
and sweet meditation that would be
voided of doubt and fear
The very foundation of all our suffering

If only you knew love it would melt
all insecurities and fears build by you too protect your self
yet it only keep you apart from all those
who loved you
Cared for you
and would suffer for you

If only Dorothy...
If only you could love...

You would know and feel what we know and feel Dorothy...

If only....

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