Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bonds of Love

Love itself is a form of “transformation” or that which brings one to a more spiritual and emotional state then any other type of emotion in us. Love is a part of who we are and also what we are capable of. It is love itself that represents parts of a whole. What I mean is that love is past present and future all wrapped up in all of us which is what allows us the ability to love and be loved. If one doesn’t understand love and accept our personal love for ourselves and others then how can one love another? Love always starts with you are an individual but it also ends with you. A child is born unknowing of love but is taught the art of love thought it’s caretaker. It started with the caretaker (past) then given to Child (present) and then returns to both caretaker and child (future) in time. That which started with one begets two but can be then three four etc. Love itself is enduringly and if it’s true healthy love it’s forever in a state of expansion and growth. How can anyone who has true love not be transformed or in some way brought to a higher level of consciousness?

Mother and Child

By: James Phillips

A mother’s love should be so deep and long lasting
A bond given by birth one a child the other a mother to this child
Two who shared the same flesh and the same heart beat for awhile
A child given by God to love and nourish with needs to meet
This is how all mothers start out to be for any child

But sometimes a mother so lost to herself and child
Finds herself not wanting this precious child
Defining this child to be what she needs
Destroying both child and this mother who
Could never meet the child's needs or desirers

So this mother trades this child for another love
Then forget this one so precious and dear this child should be
So that the child grows apart from her and her needs
Learning that this mother’s love was only for her self
and never for this precious child

Both God and child will leave this one to be
In a place so deep and cold this mother shall be
Place there by her hand and her own desirers
Who forsaken a child so precious and dear
For now this child will forget her
But not just the child today’s
Nay but for all the child’s tomorrows

Now this mother will spend all her ending days
Believing someday both child and mother again will be
Together and bonded as they were once before
But alas now she lies only to herself and not the child

For you see that child now has completed their own
autonomy and knows who this person really is
and that she was never that mother she pretended to be
Nor shall she ever be for all eternality

Lost to not only God and child but herself as
well she will need to pay that price for all her denials
For not just her today's Nay for all her tomorrow's
There she lives in pain and denial for all her yesterdays
Regrets for all her lies and denials to her self and her lost child

A child, after all, is the ultimate Source of Narcissistic Supply. It is unconditionally adoring, worshipping and submissive. But it is also a demanding thing and it tends to divert attention from the narcissist. A child takes too much of everything that the adults around him have to offer: time, energy, emotions, resources, attention. The narcissistic can easily be converted to the view that a child is a menace, a nuisance, utterly unnecessary.

This makes for a very shaky foundation of marital life. The narcissist does not need or seek companionship or friendship. He/She does not mix sex and emotions. He/She finds it hard to make love to someone that he/she loves. He/She ultimately abhors their children and tries to limit and confine them to the role of Narcissistic Supply Sources. He/she is a bad friend, lover and father/mother. He/She is likely to divorce many times (if he/she ever gets married) and to end up in a series of monogamous relationships.

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